Our Story

With Folkwear Clothing we set out to create timeless garments with artisan textiles that can be worn for decades.  We are inspired by folk clothing from around the world and beautiful hand-crafted textiles.  

Folkwear Clothing is classic, stylish, and global.  Our designs, because they are based on folk clothing, are practical and comfortable and classic.  The fabrics we use are based in a traditional of weaving, dyeing, or surface design.  Together, the design and fabric make a unique and beautiful garment that connects you to the larger world.  

We strive for sustainability through sourcing organic fabrics, or low-impact dyed fabrics, when possible.  We also want to pay fair prices for high-quality and artisan-made fabrics.  We continue to work to find more ways to contribute to environmental and social sustainability around the globe.

We are based near Asheville, NC, source our fabrics from around the world (Africa and India, currently), and manufacture our garments in Hendersonville, NC.


Molly Hamilton started this clothing line based on the sewing patterns from Folkwear patterns - sewing patterns to make vintage and folk clothing from around the world.  These patterns are so timeless, fun, and flattering, and they connect to another culture, honoring that culture and providing insight to clothing. And, being connected to others, especially other cultures, is important.  Molly wanted to provide this connect, through clothing, to others.